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Adams, Caroline

The 'Australian Epidemic', Repetitive Strain Injury - 'A pain in the hand or worker hysteria?'

Anderson, Julie

'They don't show up': General practitioners, and health and social care assessments in the UK 1989-2020

Ball, Corinne

‘More hospital than poorhouse’: Adelaide’s Destitute Asylum 1850-1918

Barr, Philippa

"Public health in private: women in sanitation reform during the 1900 plague"

Bennett, Charlotte

New Zealand Children, Young People, and Emotions during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic

Bennett, Michael

Watkin Tench and the Doctors: Second Opinions on Smallpox in Sydney in 1789

Burnell, Sharon

Doctors in the death records (Loddon District, Victorian Goldfields 1854)

Byard, Roger

Title of presentation: Second Opinions – Answers from Forensic Science and Pathology

Carmody, Diana

Intergenerational trauma: belated acknowledgement that the children's hospital in  Sydney was part of the 'stolen generation'


The horrible story of the endorsement of eugenics by doctors in Australia: Will universities be obliged to strip famous names from some of their buildings?

Cockrill, Pauline

Safe Haven? How South Australia became home to doctors who were Holocaust survivors

Collins, Julie

Angorichina Hostel for Tubercular Soldiers (1927-1973)

Cronin, Monica

Things aren’t always what they seem: Women in anaesthesia

Dash, Sandra

"Someone call the doctor! Wait! I don't have a phone: Burgeoning aspects of safety and quality in North Queensland healthcare 1910-1925.

Davis, Gayle

The Abortion Act, 1967: A Biography of an ‘Untouchable’ British Law

Dowling, Peter

Song Lines and Smallpox. A forgotten smallpox epidemic among the Aboriginal populations of South Australia in the 1860s.

Eastgate Brink, Emily

Amputations and Convalescence: Recuperating the Body in Manet’s Later Work

Efstathiadou, Anna

What more can you find in this picture? Rethinking the use of the Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) in the medical curriculum

Falconer, Louise

(Lively) Deaths in the Archive

Fried, Ofra

Palliative Medicine Pioneers in Australia and New Zealand.

Gendek, Marilyn

Second Opinion on Images of Florence Nightingale on Stamps

Grehan, Madonna

Diabolical practices and extraordinary disclosures: Problematising private lying-in hospitals in Victoria, Australia, 1886

Harford, Elizabeth

The Impact of Motor Vehicles on the work of Casualty Departments 1920s and 1930s

Healy, Jacqueline

150 years of caring: medical history museums communicating the past, present and future

Ing, Heidi

Colonel Light’s Consumptive Connections

Irving, Kate

Rehabilitating institutional histories: cripping schools for idiotic children

Irving, Kate & Panel

Better Together: Reconciling Clinicians and Academic Historians

Jefferies, Diana

Contemporary history: Documenting the contribution of nurses to the Special Health Accommodation in Sydney during the COVID-19 pandemic

Joven, Arnel

Spanish Colonial Medicine and the British Invasion of Manila, 1762-1764

Kippen, Rebecca

‘A new and formidable malady’: diphtheria in Tasmania, 1858–1930

Kohl, Samantha

“Retaining the Childbearing Function”: Surgical Gynaecology, Hysterectomy and Maternal Responsibility

Lamb, John

Beri-beri and Japanese doctors in Australia

Lancaster, Paul

Medical staff lost at sea in the 2/3 AHS Centaur

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Lewis, Peter

A history of nursing in intellectual disability in Australia 1960 – 2016

Lush, Rebecca

Introducing Medical Students to Historical Research

Mackay, Jacinta

Whiteness in Nursing and Midwifery in Australia

Macpherson, Greg

Traditional drug use and empirical processes in Greco-Roman medicine.

Mahar, Caitlin

Histories of Euthanasia: A Second Opinion

Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish

Estimating the Size of the Tasmanian Pre-Contact Population

McDonald, Peter

Heaslip Bequest to a Medical School in SA to remedy deficiencies suffered during Medical Course 1924-29

Moncrieff, Alexia

Communicating the Wounds of War: How Dr Jack Bean Told His Parents He’d Been Shot

Moore, Alison

The Historical Gendering of Dementia

Morten, Helen

Food as medicine in New Zealand, 1930-1960

Orrell, Christopher

Reassessing the Place of the Medical Journal in the Construction of Medicine in Australian Colonies in the 19th Century

Philpott, Ross

Poisonous Prescribing in the Past Aka Pernicious Posology

Pollock, Neil

Discovery of early anaesthetic inhalational agents.


Pols, Hans

The Origins of Community Mental Health in Australia: Mental Health Professionals, Activists, and Consumers Developing Alternatives to Mental Hospital-based Services

Potter, Lesley

A rare and important document: the personal medical histories of Australian nurses while prisoners of war of the Japanese, World War 2


Robson, Charmaine

Nurses’ Memoirs as Windows to Epidemic Histories: the example of Hansen’s disease and Indigenous Australians in mid twentieth-century Northern Territory

Roberts-Thomson, Peter

William Everard and his "Prize" for the top graduating student of the Adelaide Medical School

Scarfe, Janet

Reading between the Lines in the Diaries of a World War 2 Army Nurse

Shanmugasundram, Sujatha

Evolution of nursing in India- past, present and future

Shields, Linda & Patterson, Lisa

Nurses’ involvement in wound care experiments at Ravensbrück Concentration Camp

Siegloff, Lesley

A history of the transition of nursing education - an insiders perspective.

Smart, Gemma

Mental health mutual support initiatives in Australia: two transformative communities in the 1970s-80s.

Storey, Cate

"Sister Kenny" versus the establishment: filling in the details of the Kenny Clinic at the Royal North Shore Hospital of Sydney 1936-1948

Tanturri, Alberto

Doctors’ dilemmas. Treatments for Cholera in Nineteenth Century Italy

Temple-Smith, Meredith

Sowing the Seeds for Syphilis Surveillance: The Melbourne Experiment 1910-1911

Varnava, Andrekos

Anti-Cancer Committees in Australia during the Inter-War Years

Westmore, Ann

Burnet's War on Cigarette Advertising

Wilkinson, Roger

The Elusive Chamber. A short history of the Left Atrium

Wilson, John

Urban-rural penalties revisited: Infant mortality and real wages in colonial Tasmania

Wolf, Gabrielle

Lessons From Refugee Doctors’ Defiance of Discrimination, 1937-50

Wood, Beverley

Australia's pioneer Dietitians. The first decades 1929 to 1950

Yeomans, Neville

The Anglophilic (Xenophobic) Medical Acts in Colonial Australia

Symposium - First Nations -  Making History


Symposium - Reproductive Health in the 20th Century



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